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Born in Pisa in 1972, the photographer’s lifelong connection to the sea, experienced in childhood strolls and moments in Livorno. Extensive travels, both domestic and international, reveal a deep appreciation for the vast and serene sea. Outside the bustling summer season, the sea reflects stormy skies or river hues, creating a profound sense of peace. Captured in 16:9 or 4:3 frames, adhering to nature’s chromatic rules, the seascapes embody the distant horizon and the present moment’s immediacy. “La Linea del Mare” symbolizes the meeting point of sea and sky, showcasing their colors in the magic of seasons, times, weather, and day or night. The images, transformed by long exposure, turn reality into a dreamlike calmness, portraying the restless sea. Occasionally, tiny figures occupy the lower frame, unaware protagonists in the photographer’s fleeting moment within the unstoppable flow of time.


One year, 365 days, Earth’s orbit. Light shifts from June to December, sculpting the sea—whitened foam or stillness. Each day, moments expand through long-exposure photography, capturing the sea’s transformations. People materialize and fade with shifting light. From Marina di Carrara to Piombino, Elba, Gorgona, or Montecristo, exploring year-round, pondering the sea’s obsession and palette. Childhood glimpses in Livornese, Pisan, or Versilian paintings. This project unveils nuances: varied skies and seas, hues mixed by wind, melded by prolonged exposures; subjects rendered ethereal, anchored by the sun’s intensity.